The CenterlessBlox was a full custom solution for a break room extension to a factory in Tulsa. Tulsa Centerless Bar Processing called us with a problem and we provided an answer!


So... it is a break room?

The Centerless Blox takes after the name of our client: Tulsa Centerless Bar Processing. In the design of the break room, we took three 20' containers side-by-side and cut out the CENTER to make our own Centerless Blox break room. It is equipped with top of the line custom stained shelving and art decor to make it a comfortable resting spot for the employees in the factory.


Affordable custom Space

The CenterlessBlox will not be our last stop for custom jobs. If you have an idea in mind or need an addition to your company's work space, give us a call and we will help your modular dream come to life!


Standing at 960 total sq ft, CenterlessBlox is packed with all the features you need to help you run a successful business, including:

  • Upstairs deck for storage

  • two refrigerators

  • custom wall hung artwork

  • interior led lighting

ready to get started?

If you have an idea of what you want built, go ahead and fill out the questionnaire by clicking the button "Start Building". We will ask you a few questions to get a good idea of what your needs are before we build your Blox. We get that this is your first Blox, that's why we are here to help.

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