The BarBlox is one of our most visited showcases of our true craftsmanship. Located in the heart of the Brady District of Tulsa, Oklahoma and equipped to serve all of your taste buds.


Wait, it serves drinks?

The BarBlox has been a joint project between the Inner Circle Vodka BarW-Design, and ModernBox. This is the next installment to Inner Circle's outside patio space. Now you can take a quick break from your life size Jenga to refill your drink without running inside! To showcase our skills we took extra time on this project to add all the little details that make it come to life the second the windows open up.


Affordable Bar Space

The BarBlox is a great use of a 20ft x 9ft shipping container. It can be delivered anywhere with all the plumbing and electric ready to get your drink service station up and running. The design can easily be tweaked and modified to serve food in your city's up and coming food truck park!


ready to get started?

If you have an idea of what you want built, go ahead and fill out the questionnaire by clicking the button "Start Building". We will ask you a few questions to get a good idea of what your needs are before we build your Blox. We get that this is your first Blox, that's why we are here to help.

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